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"The more we learn about all that God has done, the more we will learn to love God." Self-Government p. 2


"Knowing the story of American liberty will help us remember how special it is to live in a land of liberty." Liberty and Justice for All p. 1



"History does teach us about individuals and events. But even more, it reveals what God was doing in the lives of men and nations." Divine Providence p. 10


"Liberty and law for men and nations must be based upon the law of God. The laws, commandments and statutes of God are the only foundation for just civil laws." Self Government with Union, p. 32


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 A Providential History Series
for the Home and School
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Self Government Self Government
Primary Level
(1st or 2nd grade)

Students read rich text and discover that His Story is meaningful to them. They learn the Biblical instruction for personal self government and the beauty of God's plan for men and nations. Tracing the timeline of history, students grasp the significance of major events, from the beginning of time through America's journey as a self governing nation.

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lj cover Liberty and Justice for All
Elementary Level
(2nd or 3rd grade)

Realizing that history is God's Story, and that liberty is a gift from God, students trace the foundations and development of liberty, originating with the author of liberty, God Himself. Students learn about significant events over the course of history, with particular attention to the growth of liberty during America's colonial, revolutionary, constitutional, and pioneer periods. The final chapters highlight the Statue of Liberty, exploring Antarctica and the Arctic, and the Pledge of Allegiance.

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Divine Providence Divine Providence
Middle Elementary Level
(3rd or 4th grade)

God's care, control, plan and timing of events is highlighted over the course of history. Specific notice is given to the origins of nations, God's law, Christianity's answer to man's pagan ideas, and the influence of Scripture upon the course of history. Following the account of North America's exploration and colonization, considerable attention is given to divine providence and the American Revolution. Students continue their study with the remarkable period of invention and westward expansion, the World Wars, and a look at our motto, "In God We Trust."

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SGWUSTSelf Government with Union
Elementary Level
(4th or 5th grade)

The Mighty Works of God: Self Government with Union identifies the truth that individual self government must precede local self government. Individual self government operating in the family, applied in the church, and extended into the local community was the basis for local, self governing states. These individual, self governing states eventually united as one nation under God.

The principles of individual self government and local self government are derived from Scripture, specifically the two great commandments Christ gave in the New Testament. The Student Text and Teacher’s Guide focus on these ideas.

Self Government with Union traces the challenges faced as individuals and the nation sought to follow Christ’s two great commandments, giving evidence of God’s Hand ruling in the affairs of men and nations.

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