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Astronomy through the Ages
  • Astronomy through the Ages

Astronomy through the Ages

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Astronomy through the Ages
Jerry Simmons

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This presentation will focus on teaching the "Queen of the Sciences" (astronomy) from a Biblical perspective and a much more complete picture than is presented in secular classes. Since the Ancients were very much concerned with the happenings in the heavens, it is imperative that a serious study includes the Bible as well as other valid sources of ancient science to really comprehend the greatness of God and His handiwork and workings in the heavens–past, present and future. A flow chart map will help participants to visualize the scope of the presentation/workshop. Scope of the flow chart is from Ancient astronomy (pre deluvian) to the findings of the Hubble Telescope (HST). Suggestions and sources will be given to help each participant to further their knowledge of the topic and its implementation into their instruction whether at home or in a college class.

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