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Illustrators: Literature's Illuminators
  • Illustrators: Literature's Illuminators

Illustrators: Literature's Illuminators

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Illustrators: Literature's Illuminators
Dixie Thompson

Since the days of the Romans, books and manuscripts have been decorated with pictures, portraits, and drawings. These illustrations are intended to brighten, explain, and bring richness to the written word. Children delight in and can often learn as much from an illustrator's contribution to a book as they do from the author's words. Teaching and learning about books is enriched by an appreciation of the illustrators who add illumination or light to the story. In this session, we will examine the lives of Tasha Tudor and Marguerite DeAngeli as examples of illustrators who have touched generations with their artistic talent and their portrayal of family life. You will be inspired to search out additional information about the illuminators of literature.

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