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Lit, Learn, and Sail Ash Breeze
  • Lit, Learn, and Sail Ash Breeze

Lit, Learn, and Sail Ash Breeze

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Literature, Learning, and "Sailing By Ash Breeze"

Mrs. Lynn Meier

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The American Christian Literature program provides the opportunity for students to study outstanding examples of Christian character and individuals who loved learning.  Through the biography, Carry On, Mr. Bowditch, young people may meet a young man who refused to give up his dreams of learning and “sailed by ash breeze” through nine years of indenture, and then dedicated his life, not only to his own study, but to the development of mathematics and navigation.  Nathaniel Bowditch’s life was filled with amazing accomplishments because he recognized that every individual can learn if he possesses the character to take the opportunities presented to him.  This session will examine the extraordinary life and character of Nathaniel Bowditch and provide suggestions for teaching his biography in the literature course.