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Planting Seeds of Patriotism
  • Planting Seeds of Patriotism

Planting Seeds of Patriotism

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Planting Seeds of Patriotism
Lynn Meier

"Patriotism! There is magic in the word. It is bliss to repeat it . . . The most beautiful pages of history are those which recount its deeds. Fireside tales, the outpourings of the memories of peoples, borrow from it their warmest glow. Poets are sweetest when they re-echo its whisperings; orators are most potent when they thrill its chords to music." (Archbishop Ireland)

"But what is it to love one's country? Is it to carry a banner in a procession? Is it to shout as we see the flag? Is it to fling bunting from the tops of the buildings and send off sky-rockets in the evening? Vastly deeper than that is love of country –deeper than any soldier's uniform, deeper than any pictures of battleships with which we adorn our walls. To love your country . . . is to love that for which your country stands. . ." (Rev. W. H. P. Faunce) The one who loves his country loves the ideals and principles which run through the history of that nation. This is true patriotism.


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